2014 Thanksgiving Blues Poll

muddy-waters1This year's poll of listeners to the Blues Hour generated the most votes (and voters) ever for blues favorites. Amazingly, 140 artists or groups got votes, and #1 for the 4th year running was Muddy Waters -- with BB King again #2. Really, they're all winners, all great, and all played (frequently) in the Blues Hour -- always made possible by the support of blues lovers. Thanks to everyone who voted and everyone who contributes to keep the blues alive on WBGO!

Here's the 2014 tally:
#1 Muddy Waters
#2 BB King
#3 Howlin' Wolf
#4 Buddy Guy
#5 Stevie Ray Vaughan
#6 The Allman Brothers
#7 (a three-way tie): John Lee Hooker, Albert King and Etta James
#10 Little Walter

-- Michael Bourne

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2013 Blues Hour Thanksgiving Top Ten

More listeners voted in the 9th annual Thanksgiving Blues Poll than ever before.  Don't ask.   I lost count — of how many voters.  I've counted all the votes.

Here's a phenomenal number: 143. That's how many musicians or groups got votes. He's a top-ten of WBGO blues listener favorites.


Muddy Waters and BB King were even at the beginning of Wednesday's blues hour, and surges of votes for both happened during the hour.  Muddy was up, then BB was up, then Muddy, then BB, then Buddy Guy vaulted up to pass BB, and Muddy  jumped even higher.  Fifth year at #1 for Muddy Waters.

1st    Muddy Waters
2nd    Buddy Guy
3rd    BB King
4th   (tie) Howling Wolf and Stevie Ray Vaughan

6th    John Lee Hooker
7th    Tedeschi/Trucks Band
8th    Albert King
9th    Johnny Winter
10th   (tie) Robert Cray and Taj Mahal

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