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Great Live Moments - Benny Golson

Benny Golson

Aside from being one of the foremost composers of jazz standards  - "I Remember Clifford," "Whisper Not," "Stablemates," and "Killer Joe" immediately come to mind - Benny Golson is one of the real gentlemen of our music.  When WBGO approached Mr. Golson for approval to post music from the American Jazz Radio Festival in 1987, here's what he said:

Please use whatever you want in whatever way you choose. WBGO has made a
hero out of me by playing my recordings over the years. Be assured, this
does not go without much appreciation. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
May all that your collective hands find to do continue to meet with certain
success always.
Benny Golson

Is this cat for real?  Yes, absolutely.

Listen to Benny Golson's "Are You Real," from the WBGO Archives.

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