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Benny Green and Gary Smulyan both born on April 4.. and they're on JazzSet together, tonight!

JazzSetAnniversaryNoTag_200x200_FinalHow cool is this? Gary Smulyan is the special guest on bari sax with the Benny Green Trio tonight at 6:30 on JazzSet. Both Benny and Gary are celebrating their birthdays today!

Happy coincidence!


Hour One - Danilo Perez Quartet with Rudresh Mahanthappa ... Gary Smulyan's tribute to Pepper Adams (1930-1986) with Barry Harris, "Hot Pepper"

Hour Two - Hot Club of Detroit ... Tia Fuller Quartet ... Mulgrew Miller and Kenny Barron

Hour Three - Mulgrew Miller and Wingspan

Hour Four - Tia Fuller ... Danilo Perez ... Hot Club of Detroit



Hour One

MC Rhonda Hamilton
Danilo Perez Quartet - Perez, piano; Ben Street, bass; Adam Cruz, drums; Rogerio Boccato, percussion, and "a new partner in crime" Rudresh Mahanthappa, alto sax
Daniela (all by Perez)

MC Ed Love, WDET
"Hot Pepper," a tribute to Detroit baritone saxophonist Pepper Adams (1930-86), from Gary Smulyan with Barry Harris, piano; David Wong, bass; Rodney Green, drums
My Shining Hour (featuring riverboat whistle) (Harold Arlen)
Bossa Nouveau (Pepper Adams)
Cottontail (Duke Ellington)

Hour Two

Hot Club of Detroit - Carl Cafagna, saxophones; Julian Labro, chromatic button accordion and melodica;  Andrew Kratzat, bass; Paul Brady, rhythm guitar; Evan Perri, lead guitar
Duke and Dukie (Django Reinhardt)
Noto Swing (Lulu Reinhardt)
Nostalgia in Times Square (Mingus)
Night Town (Perri)

MC Josh Jackson
Tia Fuller Quartet with Tia on saxophones, Shamie (SHAH-mie) Royston on piano, Mimi Jones on bass, Rudy Royston on drums
Clear Mind (Fuller)
Decisive Steps (Fuller)
Windsoar (Fuller)

Kenny Barron (left piano) and Mulgrew Miller (right piano)
Four (Miles Davis)

Hour Three

MC Rhonda Hamilton
Mulgrew Miller and Wingspan - Miller, piano; Steve Wilson, saxophones; Dwayne Eubanks, trumpet and flugelhorn; Steve Nelson, vibes; Ivan Taylor, bass; Rodney Green, drums
Wingspan (for Charlie Parker, by Miller)
Waltz for Monk (Donald Brown)
Farewell to Dogma (Miller)
When I Get There (Miller)
Eleventh Hour (Miller)

Hour Four

Tia Fuller Quartet
Kissed by the Sun (Fuller)
I Can't Get Started (Vernon Duke)
Shades of McBride (Fuller)

Danilo Perez Quartet
Besame Mucho (Consuelo Velázquez)
Cobilla (Perez)

Hot Club of Detroit
Two Weeks (Labro & Perri)

Great Live Moments - Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Vanguard Jazz Orchestra

Thad Jones and Mel Lewis created one of the most enduring rituals in New York. They started a big band in 1966, one that included some of the most gifted composers and improvisers in the city, many of whom were making their living as studio professionals or in Broadway pit bands. Max Gordon at the Village Vanguard booked them for three consecutive Monday evenings, and the rest is history. Both Jones and Lewis are gone, but the spirit of their music (as well as the original compositions and arrangements from their bands) continues with the Vanguard Jazz Orchestra.

Every February, the VJO plays a weeklong showcase at the Vanguard. On the thirty fourth anniversary of the band, WBGO recorded the group on Monday night, of couse. As it happened, that was Valentine's Day, 2000.

We'll feature "Samba Con Getchu," a composition from Bob Brookmeyer, one of the early members of the Thad Jones - Mel Lewis Orchestra. The VJO included Jay Brandford, Ralph Lalama, Dick Oatts, Rich Perry, Gary Smulyan, Saxophones / Glenn Drewes, Earl Gardner, Joe Mosello, Scott Wendholt, Trumpets / Luis Bonilla, Jason Jackson, John Mosca, Douglas Purviance, Trombones / Ted Rosenthal, Piano / Dennis Irwin, Bass / John Riley, Drums

Listen to Samba Con Getchu from the WBGO Archives.