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Tribute to Teo Macero - May 18th at NYU

Teo Macero, 1998 by Alan Nahagian
Long before the digital era and its master manipulators - Brian Eno, J Dilla et al - producer Teo Macero was splicing analog reels from various Miles Davis sessions, creating the sonic tapestry of Miles' early electric style.  The saxophonist, composer, and master of the razor blade will be remembered at a memorial service this Sunday, May 18 at NYU’s Loewe Theatre, 35 West 4th Street, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. The event is open to the public.

Macero spent his later years in semi-retirement, occasionally helping the NYU Jazz Program. He produced two CD’s with the NYU Jazz Orchestra featuring his original compositions.  Special guest soloists will join the NYU Jazz Orchestra for the memorial.

IAJE Evening 2 - A Night of British Jazz

Dennis Rollins at IAJE

Courtney Pine, the British jazz musicians turned Jazz Crusader for BBC2, presented an evening of British Jazz at IAJE. I missed the first set from Empirical, winner of the 2007 EBU European Jazz Competition. I got there for the band's final notes.

Pine quickly introduced Martin Taylor, who jumped onstage a little early. Since the stagecrew wasn't ready for the band, he entertained the audience with a solo version of "I'm Old Fashioned." Here it is:

Martin Taylor - I’m Old Fashioned

I supposed you're predestined to play guitar when your named Martin Taylor, since that's the name of two highly regarded luthiers. Taylor made his first appearance in Toronto 25 years ago. This performance was his return engagement. It's been a while. Here's a cut from the full band:

Martin Taylor’s Freternity

I was totally blown away by the next act. Kids from Scotland who play like they've been playing together for years. Check this out, and tell me if you think they sound like novices...

Tommy Smith Youth Jazz Orchestra - A Night in Tunisia

The last act, I suppose, represented "the future." Trombonist Dennis Rollins has been raking in the awards in Britain. The music was certainly fun and dance-ready. Occasional references to "Summertime" and "Work Song" notwithstanding, I would call this a tightly arranged ensemble that combines a panoply of styles, including drum-n-bass, jazz, funk, and garage. Hear what I mean:

Dennis Rollins’ Badbone

So there you have it. I guess you can't call this show The British Invasion, since we're technically in Canada, where Queen Elizabeth is the head of state. - Josh