Sports Jam

Baseball and Jazz: Perfect Together

Monte IrvinJimmy Heath
What do you do when you have legendary saxophonist, composer and arranger Jimmy Heath and baseball hall of famer Monte Irvin on your show together?  You get out of the way and let them talk to each other!!!  Even though both faced segregation and racism during their amazing careers, they feel blessed.  Jimmy joins me from Queens while Monte shares his thoughts from his home in Houston, Texas.  Check out the latest edition of SportsJam with Doug Doyle.

WBGO Hosts Share Their Love of Music and Sports on SportsJam

Rhonda Hamilton Playing GolfDoug Doyle and Michael Carvin Golf

Bob PorterPassionate is a word I would use to describe Rhonda Hamilton and Bob Porter's approach to jazz and blues. However, after playing a round of golf with Rhonda and her husband, drummer Michael Carvin, then sitting down with Bob to talk about his beloved Red Sox, both hosts may be even more crazy about their favorite sports.

Check out my SportsJam sessions with Rhonda and Bob here.

SportsJam: Michael Bourne = Dr. Death?

BourneDr. Death

When Dr. Michael Bourne talks baseball he's serious, really serious. The St. Louis Cardinals fan tell all in a recent session of SportsJam. I learned things I never knew about Michael, especially his opportunity to become involved in professional wrestling as a manager. Not hard to imagine if you think about it. Michael probably would have gone around the ring shouting "YOU, YOU" like he does during Jazz 88 membership drives!!
Listen to Michael Bourne on SportsJam.
-Doug Doyle

On the Shoulders of Giants

Kareem Abdul-JabbarEven though Kareem Abdul-Jabbar has had his fill of basketball, he says he can never get enough jazz. You can tell the NBA's all-time leading scorer enjoys talking about his early days in Harlem and his love of jazz. Find out more.

Click here for the latest session of SportsJam, WBGO's new podcast/on-demand feature. When you hear how serious Kareem is about music and basketball, you can understand why he has been so successful on and off the court. It's great to hear that Kareem listens to WBGO when he's in NYC, a place where he gave Knicks fans nightmares.
-Doug Doyle

The Physically Fit Don Braden

Doug Doyle and Don Braden

Two guys who never formally met before sat down for an interview...and could have chatted for hours...that's what happened when saxophonist and composer Don Braden came in for the latest SportsJam session. Even though Don had been at Jazz 88 many times, I've never had a chance to talk to him. It's amazing how jazz, sports and kids can create bonds. Don brought his gorgeous sax and thrilled us with his jazzy rendition of the Star Spangled Banner and an original tune he composed for his daughter. Don's strict fitness and nutrition program inspired this overweight anchor to hit the gym!
Check out our conversation.
-Doug Doyle