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Fran Vielma and the Venezuelan Jazz Collective Shine in Performance on Afternoon Jazz


Percussionist and composer Fran Vielma recently brought his Venezuelan Jazz Collective to Afternoon Jazz and the WBGO Performance Studio.

Tendencias, their recent album on Papelón Records, was among the top-rated releases of 2018 by DownBeat and the Latin Jazz Network.

At WBGO, Vielma and his bandmates — including alto saxophonist Miguel Zenón, trumpeter Mike Rodriguez and pianist Luis Perdomo — delivered a performance true to the rhythmic elements of his native Venezuela, while displaying the freedom of jazz.

Watch the band play “Cereal de Bobures” in our studio:

And here is “Hubbardengue,” with a title that nods to trumpeter Freddie Hubbard:

Fran Vielma and the Venezuelan Jazz Collective:

Fran Vielma, percussion and vocals; Mike Rodríguez, trumpet; Miguel Zenón, alto saxophone; Ángel Subero, trombone and vocals; Luis Perdomo, acoustic and Fender Rhodes piano; Peter Slavov, bass; Pablo Bencid, drums and vocals.

Audio mix: Corey Goldberg