WBGO's Alexandra Hill Documents Vaccine Journey

Feb 11, 2021

WBGO's Alexandra Hill receives second dose of Moderna's COVID vaccine.
Credit Alexandra Hill / 4323619530

After covering the pandemic for more than a year WBGO’s Alexandra Hill is one of the first on our staff to receive the COVID-19 vaccine.

Alexandra documented the experience as she received the second and final dose of the Moderna shot at the former Kmart location in West Orange New Jersey.

“I made getting the vaccine a priority and was eager to sign up in January when the demand was not as high, the reason, I live in a multi-generational home and care for not only my children, but my 75 year old mother. This location is by appointment only, something that’s just as hard to come by as demand continues to increase, volunteers check you in upon arrival before swiftly finding you a private curtained off room where you receive the injection.”

Once you are inoculated you are given a vaccine card with your name date of birth and dates of vaccination. Then it’s off to the observation area where you must remain for 15 minutes before you are allowed to leave.

“Overall the experience was fast and easy, volunteers were friendly, eager to answer questions, and I even received a congratulations as I exited the building. As a woman of color I must say, I am proud to have taken this step, as many in my demographic are not being vaccinated at the same rate as our white counterparts, largely in part to misinformation and lack of access, and getting the word out is no easy task.”

Essex County COVID-19 Vaccination location at former KMart in West Orange New Jersey.

For more information or to schedule a vaccine visit the state's COVID information site