Virtual NYE Times Square Celebration To Honor NYC's Frontline Workers

Dec 30, 2020

File Photo: Times Square NYC
Credit Wikimedia Commons

 New York City officials are honoring healthcare workers and first responders at the New Year’s Eve celebration in Times Square.    

Every year there are special guests and this year Jeff Strauss with Countdown Entertainment says dozens of New York City coronavirus heroes and their families will be on hand.  

“So whether it’s the doctor who had to be away from her family and sleep in the basement to avoid potentially giving them the infection or whether it’s the teacher, the postal store worker, the grocery store worker that couldn’t make a birthday because they had to do extra shifts.  All those people we are celebrating.”

Because of coronavirus, Times Square will not be open to the public for the New Year’s Eve celebration.  Those watching on TV will see a number of performers including Jenifer Lopez and Bill Porter.