Urbanational is Creating a Global Network of Changemakers

Jan 9, 2020

WBGO's Brit Harley and CEO & Founder of Urbanational, Clarissa Cummings
Credit Brittany Harley / Newark Public Radio/WBGO

CEO & Founder of Urbanational, Clarissa Cummings hosted the first Bakeran Supper in Newark. Prompted by the Jeffersonian Dinner concept, a Bakeran Supper honors activist Ella Baker's approach to meaningful community building.   A curated, invite-only event hosted by Urbanational, a Bakeran Supper brings together 10 urban changemakers around a dinner table of great food and stimulating conversation. 

Urbanational supports the leadership development of Black changemakers in urban spaces.  They believe Black changemakers who have the key skills needed to lead a movement will better succeed at their mission to bring revolutionary social change. 

To learn more about Urbanational, visit https://www.urbanationalinc.com/

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