Trumpeter Adam O'Farrill on 'Stranger Days'

Mar 14, 2017

In the jazz world, the name O'Farrill is synonymous with Afro-Latin jazz royalty. Trumpeter Adam O'Farrill is the third generation of that royal family. He is the grandson of Chico O'Farrill — the legendary composer and arranger, one of the primary creators of Afro-Cuban jazz. His father, pianist Arturo O’Farrill, is a Grammy-winning artist, and founder of the Afro Latin Jazz Alliance. But our focus here is on Adam, who recently released an acclaimed debut album, Stranger Days.

Released on Sunnyside Records last spring, Stranger Days features O'Farrill at the helm of a band with his brother, Zack O’Farrill, on drums; Chad Lefkowitz-Brown on saxophones; and Walter Stinson on bass. In this edition of "My Music," O'Farrill shares some of the stories behind the recording, live from the 2017 NYC Winter Jazzfest.

Produced by Sarah Geledi.

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