Trenton MVC Office Closed Till Nov. 20 After Covid Infection

Nov 9, 2020

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Covid has claimed another motor vehicle office in New Jersey. The Trenton Regional Vehicle Center is closed until the 20th after an employee tested positive.

That employee was last in the Trenton Center on Nov. 5.

The result of course, more customers using fewer offices. Four other offices remain closed. They will reopen later this week and next week. Chief Administrator Sue Fulton said you only have to come in if you’re getting your first license or for the following reasons.

“A registration of a vehicle that you purchased from a private seller,” she said, “a commercial driver’s license, an out-of-state transfer, a license that is visa-restricted, or a probationary license renewal.”

She added that if your license or registration expired more than six months ago you have to come in, but that can be done by appointment. “The vehicle centers have now largely gone to an appointment system,” she said. “Now we do have to cancel appointments when we have to close but there are still appointments available around the state for those folks to be rescheduled.”

Fulton also urged people to use the web site. And said whatever you do, don’t call. “Phone volume is 10 times what it used to be but our ability to staff those phones is about half what it used to be,” she said,”so we definitely are struggling to fix that.”

She said they’ve also had trouble getting people not to camp out overnight. If you do have to come in, she said there are many appointments available, even with the closures.

Customers, she said, should visit before heading out to an MVC facility to find quick links for up-to-date information and the latest on any agency closures.