Recovery Doctors Weighs in on Marijuana Legalization Controversy in New York

Jun 26, 2018

The Recovery Spot is in New York City
Credit The Recovery Spot

Governor Cuomo recently announced that he is in favor of the legalization of marijuana. This news has repercussions for the state's political, economic, and medical realms.

Dr. Scott Bienenfeld is the Medical Director of the Recovery Spot, which aids people in recovering from all kinds of addictions.  Dr. Bienenfeld believes that marijuana is actually safer than other common drugs.

"We know that two of the main substances of abuse that are legal in this country, namely cigarettes or nicotine and alcohol kill a lot of people.  Cigarettes can kill almost a half-million people a year, alcohol about a 100-thousand a year, cannabis none."

Dr. Bienenfeld admits research shows when a young brain is exposed to large amounts of cannabis, there can be some negative consequences. 

New York Republican lawmakers are much more skeptical.  Gubernatorial nominee Marc Molinaro is in favor of legalizing medical use, but not recreational use.

Click below to hear Stephanie's full interview with Dr. Bienenfeld.