Ragweed Pollen Will Soon Intensify In New Jersey

Aug 31, 2018

ragweed plants
Credit Dr. Leonard Bielory

Ragweed will soon be causing problems for people with allergies.

Dr. Leonard Bielory is an allergy expert who tracks the pollen count in New Jersey. He says ragweed plants are growing rapidly.

“Tall ragweed normally goes one, two, three feet. Now we’re seeing three to four feet. They’re just growing like a crop of corn about ready for harvest. And once we get a dry spell, people are going to feel very strong release of pollen.”

Bielory expects ragweed pollen will intensify in the first two weeks of September.

“It will peak and then plateau to lower numbers and percolate continuously until the beginning of autumn. The frost itself kills the plants.”

Bielory says about two-thirds of people who have allergies are affected by ragweed. And starting to take antihistamine medications now can help reduce the severity of symptoms.