Poll: NYC Voters 50-50 on de Blasio

Jan 19, 2017

A key issue de Blasio has a solid approval rating in. His handling of city crime.
Credit Ang Santos / WBGO

Recent Quinnipiac University Polls show a split in New York City voters overall approval of Mayor Bill de Blasio.

When it comes to Mayor de Blasio, voters polled by Quinnipiac University are divided evenly, give or take a few percentage points on his favorability, leadership skills, or whether he deserved to be re-elected.  Poll assistant Director Tim Malloy says they’re even 50-50 on de Blasio’s public disputes with Donald Trump.

“46-45 percent with New York voters on whether or not Mayor Bill de Blasio should challenge the Trump Administration and its policies.   So a lot of people want him to be aggressive and fight him, and other people say give him time,” says Malloy.

Voters polled disapprove 59 to 31 percent of Mayor de Blasio’s handling of city homelessness.  A key issue he has a solid approval rating in; his handling of city crime.

“He’s getting mixed reviews from the very hot button, from the gut issues.  But right now, New Yorkers are very worried about homelessness.”

Governor Andrew Cuomo's popularity with New York's voters shows in Quinnipiac's most recent poll.  Particularly when polled against de Blasio as a representative of city interests in Washington.

“We found far and away, by a margin of 67 percent to 21 percent that New Yorkers believe that Governor Cuomo is far better equipped to do that.  So whether he’s making a national run or not, at the moment Governor Cuomo is considered a popular American Governor, who might have a future beyond this.”

Governor Cuomo’s job approval rating sits at 67 to 26 percent in favor among voters polled.