Poll: Americans Biggest Concern Is Health Care Costs

Feb 7, 2017

Paying for health care is the primary concern of U-S families, according to a new poll.

Monmouth University Polling Institute director Patrick Murray says health care costs are now creating the most anxiety for 25 percent of Americans surveyed.   

"That's a big jump from the last time we asked just a couple of years ago when health care was one of a number of issues in the top tier. It seems like concerns about paying for costs of health care right now are the things that are really driving the worries that Americans have that keep them up at night."

14 percent of those surveyed say they're most concerned with Job security and unemployment. 12 percent say it's paying everyday household bills. 

“Half of Americans, 51 percent, say that their current situation is stable, but 29 percent say that they're struggling just to remain where they are, while 20 percent say that their financial circumstances are improving. So we do see more people falling behind than say that they’re getting ahead right now.”

Murray says immigration, national security, and climate change are near the bottom of the list of Americans’ concerns.

"If you watching what's happening in Washington right now, you would think that issues like immigration were the top concern, and we're finding that only a couple percent name that as something that really bothers them and worries their families."

42 percent of Americans say they expect the federal government will help them deal with their family's situation over the next few years while 33 percent expect Washington's actions will hurt them.