Parents For Change in Union Township

Feb 16, 2018

Parents for Change members in Union Township Paul Casey, Ronnie McDowell and Nancy Zuena say they are continuing their fight to take politics out of the classroom
Credit Paul Casey for WBGO News

Parents for Change started in 2014 in Union Township.  Paul Casey was one of the founders of the grassroots group who was not happy with the direction the school board was headed at the time.

Parents for Change would eventually get several of their candidates on the school board with a goal of keeping politics out of the classroom.

Casey, and two former Union Board of Education members Nancy Zuena and Ronnie McDowell spoke to WBGO's Doug Doyle about how they were able to succeed in achieving their goals.

All three members say despite the recent setback for some of Parents for Change candidates in the November election, they are more determined than ever to win back those seats.

Click above to hear an extended interview with Paul Casey, Nancy Zuena and Ronnie McDowell.