The Pan-Americanist: Sofia Rei

Mar 11, 2017

Sofia Rei's pan-American ambitions are inspiring.  A singer born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina, she was exposed to the African and Andean musical inventions native to her continent: folklore from Peru, Colombia, and Uruguay. Then she settled in New York City to surround herself with artists sculpting the downtown jazz scene, like composer John Zorn and guitarist Marc Ribot. In our studio session, Rei weaves all of these influences into one compelling tapestry not beholden to any tradition, and tastefully renders them all modernistic.

Sofia Rei, vocals, charango, and loops
JC Maillard, electric guitar
Josh Deutsch, trumpet
Eric Kurimski, guitar
Jorge Roeder, acoustic bass
Franco Pinna, percussion

Music mix: David Tallacksen
Assistant Producer: Stevan Smith

Sofia Rei celebrates her new album on April 13th at Greenwich House Music SchoolApril 29th at Subrosa.

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