NYC Warns of COVID-19 Related Pediatric Inflammatory Syndrome

May 12, 2020

NYC mayor Bill de Blasio delivering his daily coronavirus briefing

More New York City children have a new inflammatory sickness likely linked to coronavirus. There are now more than 50 cases.  Mayor Bill de Blasio says of the cases, 25 children have tested positive for coronavirus and there’s been one death.

“Throughout March and April this was not something that the health care community saw on their radar and then in the last week or two, suddenly we are seeing something that’s very troubling.”  

Persistent fever, abdominal pain, rash are among the symptoms that could place children in the ICU.   The mayor says parents need to call the doctor right away if noticing these symptoms.

“Early detection, early action makes all the difference here.”

Meanwhile, New York City children may not have a normal start to next school year because of coronavirus.   The teachers union is looking at a plan to alternate classroom instruction days and home learning days in September. Mayor de Blasio was asked about it.

“We are going to look at any and all options. Ugh, of course something like staggered hours or something like a hybrid approach will be considered.”

But he says his goal is to return to a normal full functioning classroom day as soon as possible.

“We understand a lot has to happen to make that possible.”

He says there is still plenty of time to see what develops with coronavirus and to implement a plan but multiple scenarios are being worked up.