NYC Schools Details Virtual Summer Learning Program

May 19, 2020

Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza details virtual summer learning program for NYC students.

 Summer school will be done virtually in July and August for New York City students who need help finishing work or getting ready for next school year because of coronavirus. Officials say classes will be mandatory for more than 177,000 public school children and others who want to keep learning through the summer can also take part in the virtual summer school.  Schools Chancellor Richard Carranza says the goal is set up success for the fall.

“Flexibility and patients.  And we’re really going to count on our parents and our teachers to continue in that mode.  But there’s a myriad of reasons why a student would be required or recommended.”

Teachers will help determine that.  They will not only teach in the summer but take students on virtual field trips.  The city is working with museums, libraries and private companies.

Blood banks across the city are very low because of the coronavirus pandemic.  The New York Blood Center says donations have hit a record low. Mayor de Blasio says a huge amount of the blood comes from drives run by corporations, charitable organizations and local government.

“so all of that has been cut off and disrupted.”

He says people are afraid to travel during the pandemic.

“This is absolutely a reason to travel.  To go and give blood. It’s You’re doing a great public service for your fellow New Yorker.  So anyone who can, we need you. Make an appointment with the New York Blood Center.”