NYC To Reopen Eight Pools As Officials Also Debate Outdoor Schooling in September

Jul 23, 2020

NYC To Reopen Eight Public Pools this week.
Credit NYC Parks

More pools are opening up in New York City as the summer heat continues.  There’s been only a limited number of large pools open because of the coronavirus pandemic. However, Mayor Bill de Blasio is now allowing eight more pools to open for this weekend covering all five boroughs and seven more will open next Friday.

“This is going to be wonderful for neighborhood residents, particularly young people, especially as it’s gotten so hot.”

There will be strict coronavirus related rules in place.

“We’re going to distance lines, limited number of people in locker rooms, social distancing when not in the pool, uh face coverings, really careful limits.”

New York City officials are looking at possibly teaching children outside to help limit the spread of coronavirus.   Thousands of parents have signed on to a petition called on the City’s Department of Education to shut the streets to traffic outside of schools similar to the outdoor dining plan and use them for education.  Mayor de Blasio was asked about the petition.  

“Definitely want to look at how we can use outdoor space.  Now, remembering that that works for some parts of the school year, won’t work for when it gets colder, won’t work on bad weather days, but we’re going to look at that for sure.”

Meanwhile, de Blasio says the final decision will be made on whether schools open right before the start of the school year in September.  He says parents should plan on the reopening because that’s the direction the city is headed.