NYC Removes Revel Rental Scooters off the Streets after Numerous Incidents

Jul 29, 2020

Revel rental scooters have been taken off the streets of NYC due to safety concerns
Credit Revel

Rental scooters run by the company Revel are being taken off New York City streets after another death. A man lost control of his Revel scooter and smashed into a light pole in Queens.

A passenger on a scooter was killed in Brooklyn. Both of these deaths were recent and there’s been a number of injures involving the scooters. Revel is halting operations in New York City.

Mayor de Blasio says they are not safe.

“You see a few incidents, it causes concern. And our people have been talking to Revel and they have been making changes but not enough changes is the bottom line. This has gotten to be too much. It just doesn’t work the way it’s structured.”

The moped company requires riders to have a driver license and wear a helmet for a scooter that goes up to 29 miles per hour.