NYC Phase Two Reopening Could Begin In early July

Jun 4, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Delivers daily briefing

If things go smoothly with coronavirus, phase two of reopening will kick in at the start of July in New York City. Outdoor dining is a big part of that.  Mayor Bill de Blasio is hoping it will give a huge boost to the restaurant industry so he says the city will put together a plan.

“We will provide a massive expansion of curbside seating, a big expansion of open streets.  We will do what it takes to help this key part of life in New York City.”

The mayor also noted only three percent of people tested positive for coronavirus in the latest daily numbers.

“The lowest number we have seen since this crisis began.”

Meanwhile, despite a week straight of massive crowds from protests, the mayor is confident phase one of reopening will still start on Monday.

Meanwhile, help is on the way for the numerous New York City businesses damaged by looters. Mayor de Blasio says there are local residents teaming with small business owners to clean up the destruction left behind by looters over the recent week.

“Reclaiming their streets, their neighborhood, their city.  We will help them.”

There will be grants of up to ten-thousand dollars per business to help with repairs, security systems and locks. 

“I met those small business owners.  They are not going anywhere.  They believe in the Bronx.  They believe in New York City. They will be back.  

The mayor’s fund has secured half a million to start for Bronx businesses