NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio: Infection Rate among Tested School Faculty is well Below a Half Percent

Sep 15, 2020

NYC is testing school staffers
Credit NY Daily News

There are now 55 positive coronavirus cases with New York City school staff with in classroom learning still on track to begin next Monday.

Mayor de Blasio says the infection rate among school faculty is well below half a percent, with nearly 17 thousand staff members tested.

“That tells us how much all the efforts to fight back this disease are working. And it tells us the folks who work in our school system have been really careful and diligent.”

A COVID response situation room has been formed to deal quickly with school related positive test results. It’s lead Melanie LaRocca.

“We’ve established a strict threshold for quarantine, classroom closures and building closures.”

The city has added two thousand teachers who were substitutes and temporary staff.