NYC Imposes Curfew After Days of Violent Protests, As De Blasio Reacts To Daughter's Arrest

Jun 1, 2020

Mayor Bill De Blasio delivers briefing after days of vioelnt protests in NYC

Mayor Bill de Blasio says he’s confident the NYPD will be able to track protesters responsible for some of the violence over the weekend and looting stores in Lower Manhattan

“There are very small number of people doing this violence. Very Small.  We have to get them. We have to stop them.

Meanwhile de Blasio is praising the vast majority of police officers.

“Very tough circumstances these last few days.  They have shown a lot restraint.”

However, he calls some officer actions inappropriate.

“We’ve all seen the video of an officer pushing a young woman to the ground.  We have seen a video of officer opening a car door and hitting a protester. All these matters are under review right now.”

Mayor de Blasio is also commenting on his daughter being arrested during police brutality protests in New York City Saturday. The police report shows Chiara de blasio was with a large group screaming and yelling and refused to leave the roadway in lower Manhattan. Mayor de Blasio was asked about it Monday.

“She was very clear that she believed she was following the instructions of police officers and doing what they were asking.”

She was handcuffed for unlawful assembly or blocking traffic with the others. The 25 year old told her her father she  was peaceful

“She believes a lot of change is needed.  I am proud of her that she cares so much that she was willing to go out there and do something about it.”