NYC Food Pantries May Be Forced To Close Due To Lack of Funding

Jan 21, 2021

NYC resident receives food from local pantry.

Food pantries may have to close in New York City with demand rising and a cut in financial aid.   

The de Blasio Administration had been giving large charities millions of dollars through the pandemic to meet increased food demand.   However, that emergency food money stopped last month.  David Greenfield with the Met Council charity sent a letter to Mayor de Blasio requesting the funding continue.

“The need has been exacerbated.  We have twice the unemployment rate as anywhere else in the United States. There’s 400-thousand more New Yorkers than there were last year who are waiting on lines for food.”

He warns that pantries are cutting food portions and some are in danger of shutting. The de Blasio Administration has not yet responded to the letter.