NYC Expands Open Store Fronts Program As Restaurants File Suit To Reopen Indoor Dining

Dec 29, 2020

Credit City of New York via Twitter

  New York City’s Open Storefronts program is being extended and expanded.

The program helps small businesses by allowing them to sell items and services on sidewalks outside their store.  It will be allowed to continue until at least September 30th of next year.  Small Business Services Commissioner Jonell Dorris says this is one key to recovering.

“The extension of this Open Store Fronts program is a breath of fresh air for our small business community but also it will bring revitalization that we’re looking, the resurgence of our city to come back stronger.”

The City is adding stores and restaurants that sell prepacked foods to the program.  Meanwhile...Restaurants have filed a lawsuit in Manhattan Federal Court to try and bring back indoor dining in New York City.  Earlier this month Governor Cuomo shut indoor dining in New York City as the coronavirus situation got worse.  Data shows there is only a very small percentage of coronavirus cases linked to restaurants. Lawyer Joe McBride represents a coalition of restaurant owners and argues indoor dining is not problematic and restaurants are being treated unfairly.   

“If target and Walmart and Trader Joe's get to have people come to buy food and buy drink and wait on crowded lines in their establishments then so should the restaurants.”