NYC Begins Antibody Testing As Inflammitory Syndrome Cases in Children Continues To Climb

May 18, 2020

NYC Mayor Bill De Blasio Delivers His Daily Coronavirus Briefing

 Antibody testing starts today for those battling the coronavirus pandemic in New York City.The antibody tests will likely will tell if someone already has already had coronavirus.  The tests will be made available in hospitals, firehouses, police stations and corrections facilities.  

 “140 thousand of our heroes will get tested.  It’s voluntary.  It’s up to each of you. First responders.  Healthcare workers.  If you want it it’s there for you.”

 Meanwhile, Mayor de Blasio says the city has met its goal of being able to do 20 thousand coronavirus tests per day.

 “and we’ll keep going as far as we have to go to make sure every New Yorker needs a test gets one.”

 More than 150 test sites in the city are open for the public by appointment.

In other News around New York City, there’s a growing number of cases and new information now about a coronavirus connected inflammatory syndrome in New York City children. Mayor de Blasio now says the CDC is confirming that coronavirus is linked to what’s called a multi system inflammatory syndrome in children.  The number of cases in New York city now up to 145 with one death.  In more than half the cases children tested positive for coronavirus or the antibodies.

 “Everything else we do to fight the coronavirus, we need to do to fight MISC.  So that means the hygiene the washing hands the hand sanitizer.”

 Health officials are adding more symptoms of the syndrome.  The new ones include red cracked lips and swollen hands and feet.