NYC Announces More Changes To Police Policy Including Dismantling NYPD's Anti-Crime Unit

Jun 16, 2020

There are more police policy changes in New York City following the mass policy brutality protests.  

NYPD body camera footage will now be released to the public online within 30 days of an officer firing a gun if a bullet hits a person or could hit someone. 

"When people see this kind of transparency, it will build trust. It's one step."

And Mayor de Blasio says body cam footage will also be released when an officer uses a taser that causes harm and use of force that results in harm. Previously, the police commissioner would decide on releasing body cam footage. 

"The body worn cameras are only as powerful as the transparency that comes with them." 

Mayor de Blasio is applauding the dismantling of the NYPD’s anti-crime unit in one the latest police reform moves. The Anti crime unit consists of plain clothes officers who have been credited with helping get illegal guns off the streets but criticized for using aggressive tactics. Mayor de Blasio says roughly 600 officers in the unit are being reassigned.  

“disband that unit and move us forward deepening neighborhood policing.”

The NYPD will use technology, intelligence and video instead of targeted raids.

“I am very confident that this new approach will keep us safe but take a major step away from the division that was caused by overly aggressive policing in the past.”