NY Officials Ramping Up Vaccination Efforts Across State and NYC

Jan 4, 2021

Gov. Andrew Cuomo give update on NY vaccination effort.

Governor Cuomo wants hospitals in New York State to get the coronavirus vaccine distributed faster.   

Cuomo says across the state hospitals administered about 46 percent of the total allocated vaccine doses.

“We want those vaccines in people’s arms.  We need them to administer the vaccines faster.”

Cuomo is setting a new rule that requires providers to use all doses within seven days of getting them or risk being fined.  Meanwhile, Cuomo is now expanding eligible groups.  They include doctors, nurses and other healthcare staff who come in contact with the public.

Meanwhile...Mayor Bill de Blasio vows to ramp up the coronavirus vaccination effort in New York City after getting criticism over the weekend. Several elected officials say the vaccine roll out process has been too slow.  Mayor de Blasio is now vowing to have people vaccinated 24-7 now. 

“Your going to see an intensive speed up in the month of January.”

There’s expected to be 160 vaccine sites include three at high schools by the end of the week and the goal of administering 400-thousand doses a week by the end of January.

“In the next few weeks, I want to see us start to vaccinate educators and schools staff.”