NY Facing Shortage of Polling Workers Due To Coronovirus Concerns

Oct 6, 2020



Credit NY.GOV

 Officials say some older poll workers are calling out because of coronavirus which means there could be a shortage on Election Day in places around the country like New York. Governor Cuomo says the national guard may be used to help and he’s authorized the unemployed to work the polls while still collecting benefits.  

Voting Advocate Susan Lerner with the group Common Cause wants younger folks to become poll workers.

“Power The Polls Dot Org, the national website, particularly for younger voters to go and sign up.  They will then send your information to election the authorities in your state.”

Meanwhile, New York City’s schools Chancellor Richard Carranza is trying to convince the Board of Elections not to use the schools for early voting which starts October 24th because of the pandemic.

“We should be limiting the amount of human beings entering school buildings.”