NY Bars and Restaurants May Have to Close, Cuomo Says

Jul 20, 2020

COVID Violations May Mean Closing NY Bars and Restaurants, Cuomo Says
Credit Wikimedia Commons

Governor Cuomo is threatening to roll back the reopening of bars and restaurants in New York City.

Cuomo showed photos taken over the weekend of massive crowds in Astoria, Queens and on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

“We cannot allow those congregations to continue," he said. "If it happens, I’ll tell ya what’s going to happen. We’re going to have to roll back the opening plan and we’re going to have to close bars and restaurants.”

And he’s calling out the NYPD.

“The police department has to enforce the law and they are not doing it,” said Cuomo.

Meanwhile, Cuomo said the latest coronavirus data shows just over 1% are testing positive and hospitalizations statewide are the lowest they have been since mid-March.