NJ Transit Might Pursue Alternative Schedule For Train Safety System Installation

Apr 30, 2018

New Jersey Transit might be seeking additional time to implement the Positive Train Control system that can automatically stop trains and prevent collisions.

NJ Transit executive director Kevin Corbett says a letter from the Federal Railroad Administration expressing concerns about the agency’s progress in implementing PTC by the December 31st deadline also mentioned a potential alternative schedule.

“That is a possible set of criteria where we will still make the 2020 deadline. And that is something that we are looking at. Should we look for that alternative criteria, we would have to move very quick to apply for that.”

Only 11 percent of the hardware required for the Positive Train Control system was installed on New Jersey Transit trains by the end of last year.

Corbett says its contractor is making progress.

“We have now two production facilities for our trains’ engines and cars, and we’ve gone to double shifts in those. And we’ve been working with FRA showing them a schedule of what the production is now and what we expect to ramp it up as well as the wayside systems that are necessary.”

A quarterly progress report will soon be given to federal officials.