NJ Transit Cancels 17 Trains

Aug 6, 2018

New Jersey Transit train

A safety system that can automatically stop trains to prevent a collision could benefit New Jersey Transit commuters in the future, but it’s frustrating many of them in the meantime.

The transit agency cancelled 17 trains on six of its lines this morning. On its website, it said the service adjustments were needed to advance the installation of Positive Train Control.

Janna Chernetz, the Deputy Director of the Tri-State Transportation Campaign, says New Jersey Transit needs to do a better job of informing customers about cancellations in a reasonable amount of time.

“To allow commuters to make a decision. I mean this is the way they get to work. Transportation and public transportation in New Jersey it’s the backbone of the economy. And New Jersey Transit owes it to its customers to be able to keep up that line of communication.”

Assembly Republican members Anthony Bucco and Nancy Munoz are calling for legislative hearings into the cancellations and train overcrowding, saying the problems are getting worse.

New Jersey Transit has said it won’t meet a federal end-of-the year deadline to complete installation of Positive Train Control. It’s hoping to qualify for a two-year extension and avoid possible fines.