NJ Statehouse Renovations Will Take Until 2022 To Complete

May 24, 2018

water damage on second floor of Statehouse

The official overseeing the $283 million renovation of the executive branch portion of the New Jersey Statehouse says everything is on schedule and under budget.

Raymond Arcario, the executive director of the New Jersey Building Authority, says about 15 to 20 percent of the work on the project has been done.

what used to be communications office at Statehouse has been gutted

Office partitions have been torn down on what used to be press row at Statehouse

“We have been working at taking everything out of the building that’s non-historic, doing the environmental cleanup, and the investigative work to determine exactly what are the conditions of the building, how was the building put together, all of which informs the development of the plans and specifications, which our architects and engineers are diligently working on.”

Damage to ceiling on 3rd floor of Statehouse

Arcario took reporters on a tour of the building and showed the deterioration caused by decades of water damage.

He says the next phase of the work including more demolition of office partitions that were added over the years and the removal of asbestos and lead paint will be getting underway soon. 

Renovation and restoration work is expected to begin early next year

Raymond Arcario says electrical system at Statehouse needs to be replaced Edit | Remove

“Everything associated with the mechanical equipment that’s going to need to go in the building which means plumbing, electrical, tele-data, all the technology, I think that’s going to end up when we look at our final bids to be the largest piece of the project.”

The project is targeted for completion in 2022.

Arcario says the renovations will restore the building to the way it looks between 1910 and 1920.