NJ Public Health Officials say Latest COVID-19 Test Results iare Encouraging

Sep 15, 2020

NJ Governor Phil Murphy says the early results are good for schools regarding coronavirus cases
Credit WHYY.org

The state of New Jersey is predicting it's just a matter of time before cases of the Coronavirus occur in schools. It's how public health officials deal with the issue is of primary importance.

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy says there has NOT been a reported case coming out of schools in the state and they are working to keep things that way as much as possible.

"I think it's about what we expected, It feels to me that the system is working, steps are being taken as it should be."

Department of Health Medical Director Ed Lifshitz says they are constantly monitoring educational institutions for the first sign of COVID-19 infections.

"Rowan has seen an increase in cases, mostly in their counties, off campus housing they havent been able to trace it to any single event."

The state is monitoring for big parties as have been seen around other college campuses nationwide.