NJ Lawmakers Deplore Release of 3D Gun Instructions

Jul 30, 2018

Congressman Frank Pallone

Some New Jersey lawmakers say a Texas company’s online directions for making a gun with a 3-D printer is a recipe for disaster.

U-S Senator Bob Menendez says it’s outrageous that design files for those weapons are being made public.

“At a time in which we have seen mass murders with traditional weapons I don’t know why I would give someone the wherewithal to have a weapon that actually would be untraceable and largely undetectable.”

Congressman Frank Pallone says access to designs for potentially lethal weapons without a background check is the worst possible situation. He’s drafting legislation to ban 3-D printed guns.

“It’s not only that it is not detectible through any kind of electronic device, but you produce it without having to go to a store or do anything. So you produce it your backroom. It’s undetectable. And you proceed to go out and kill people. It’s the worst possible situation.”

A Texas company's release of online blueprints for creating guns with a 3-D printer is a big mistake say some federal lawmakers from New Jersey.”

New Jersey Attorney General Gurbir Grewal worries the 3-D printer-made guns will flood the illegal firearms market and find their way to people prohibited from having guns.