NJ Gets Mixed Reviews From Cancer Society

Aug 9, 2018

In its annual review of state policies to prevent cancer and improve access to treatment, the American Cancer Society is giving New Jersey mixed reviews.

Marc Kaplan with the Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network gives the state good marks for enacting smoke-free laws and increased access to Medicaid.

“A lot of people that are suffering with cancer are in the disadvantaged area, so Medicaid is getting them the care that they deserve and that they need. While state appropriations for breast and cervical cancer screening, we are doing very well with that.”

Kaplan says the $7 million included in New Jersey’s state budget for tobacco cessation programs is a step in the right direction

“We certainly would be seeking more because people really need help to quit smoking and people really help not starting and that’s what this program does.”

Kaplan says the Cancer Society is also urging the state’s ban on anyone under the age of 17 from using tanning salons to be expanded to include 18 year-olds to help  reduce the risk of developing skin cancer.

“A lot of the younger people, they tell each other how great it is. This is just a terrible way to think that you’re making yourself look better. Just one year will get a lot more people protected.”