Newark Public Library Hosting 4th Annual Philip Roth Lecture

Nov 4, 2019


The annual Philip Roth Lecture returns to Newark Public Library November 4.

This year Princeton professor and historian Sean Wilentz will deliver a lecture titled “American Slavery, American Antislavery.”

“Talking about Philip Roth, an old friend of mine.  Philp Roth the historian and how he wrote history.  How he revisits history.  I will talk in particular about how he wrote one of his novels,” Wilentz said.  “Then I’m going to switch and talk about how that insight cuts to the heart of a lot of American history but particularly the history of antislavery.”  

Previous lecturers include Salman Rushdie and Robert Caro.

“It’s a real pleasure to do this,” Wilentz said.  “I hope I do my friend well, his memory well.  We talked history a lot.  I was kind of his history teacher in a way at the end of his life.  Doing this is a challenge but it’s a really great opportunity and I can’t wait to do it.”

The Philip Roth Lecture at the Newark Public Library starts at November 4 at 6PM.