Newark is Mentor City

Jan 31, 2020

Executive Director of Mentor Newark, Thomas Owens

Last August, Thomas Owens became the Executive Director of Mentor Newark, formerly known as Newark Mentoring Movement. Owens was integral to the development of Eagle Academy School for Young Men in Newark, New Jersey. He was responsible all corporate and community partnerships. Some of these partnerships included New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC), Mentoring USA, Prudential, the Campaign for Black Male Achievement, and St. Peter’s Youth Centre in Belfast, Northern Ireland. The vision of the Mentor Newark is that all school-aged youth have supportive, high-quality mentoring relationships with adults and older youth in their community, complementing family relationships. 

Mentor Newark works to increase the quality and quantity of mentoring relationships serving Newark youth. The organization which provides training, professional development and support services for schools, organizations and individuals seeking to serve Newark youth through mentoring. 

Owens made a vow that all of his work moving forward will be in memory of his father and mentor, Charles.

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