Newark Kids Mask Up for Halloween

Oct 29, 2020


Halloween is just two days away, and a mask has to be part of everyone’s costume this year.

On Thursday afternoon at the Boys and Girls Club of Newark, a bunch of kids got reusable masks to decorate for Halloween. Ameer Washington is the CEO.

“It went great,” he said. “I think the kids had a wonderful time with Halolife, getting their breathable masks that are 100% safe, filter 98% of the negative things in the air like coronavirus, they’re gonna decorate those masks and have something really fun to wear.”

The masks come as COVID cases have spiked in Newark and restrictions have been imposed.

The Salvation Army and the Boys and Girls Club of Newark teamed up for the giveaway of masks made by Halolife, with nanofilters to protect against the virus. Major Jonathan Jackson of the Salvation Army in Newark gave this mask the thumbs up. “I’ve been wearing the N95 for quite a while, especially early in COVID,” he said, “and while they’re very protective they’re extremely uncomfortable and I’m actually wearing one of the Halolife masks and I’m feeling kind of snazzy.”

Kids had fun decorating the masks, but Jackson said he was so busy that he never got to trick his out. “Unfortunately I did not have the time,” he said, “but you know what? I have three kids at home so I’m sure one of them might want to take a stab at it.”