New York City Cancels All June Events

Apr 20, 2020

Mayor Bill De Blasio gives his daily coronavirus update.

Planned events in June in New York City are being cancelled.

Popular events like the Pride March and Puerto Rican Day Parade where hundreds of thousands gather annually will not happen in June

“A lot of these events will be postponed.  I want to be clear.  The permits are being cancelled for June.  But the event organizers, a lot of them are looking at doing something later in the year.”

The mayor says canceling all June events is about saving people’s lives and Protecting people’s health.  Meanwhile, the mayor says the city is investigating three deaths in a hotel room that may be connected to coronavirus. 

Three  men were found dead at the Hilton Garden Inn South in Times Square over the weekend.

“These are three people who were in hospitals for COVID 19, uh got care, recovered and were released.” 

The city is using empty hotels to put people in quarantine.  The mayor says the city will step up their communication with such folks in hotels.