New Jersey Gyms Can Reopen Sept. 1 With Restrictions

Aug 27, 2020

Credit Wikimedia Commons

Gyms in New Jersey can reopen on Tuesday September 1 but with plenty of restrictions.

They’ll be at 25% of capacity, masks will be required while working out, machines will be six feet apart and all face the same direction. Foot traffic will also move in one direction.

Billy Olson, a Planet Fitness franchise owner who operates 18 gyms in New Jersey, said they’re beefing up the cleaning as well. “We also have higher intensity cleaning solutions so that is gonna destroy this virus,” he said, “and then we have something, think of a weed killer back pack, looks like something out of Star Wars, and it’s this hydrostatic cleaner that destroys all viruses.”

A recent survey of New Jersey voters found 57% want gyms to reopen with strict safety protocols in place.

Olson said the air filtration system will also help clear out any viruses. “We have these high grade filters already in place,” he said, “and a ventilation system that brings the outside air in and then pushes the inside air out so it turns over the air very, very quickly.”

He also pointed out that contact tracing may be easier in gyms because they record who comes in and when, who is with anybody, and when everyone leaves.