Murphy Outlines Top Priorities For Rest Of Year

Jul 11, 2018

Governor Phil Murphy

After the recent contentious fight over New Jersey’s new state budget, Governor Phil Murphy is now hoping to work with New Jersey legislative leaders to get approval of some of his top priorities by the end of the year.

Murphy says gradually boosting New Jersey’s $8.60 an hour minimum wage to $15 is one of things he wants lawmakers to pass.

“I think we’re all pretty committed to trying to solve the riddle of adult use marijuana. Strengthening the medical marijuana regime through legislation. We’ve already done a lot of that through executive action, but we think we can do more to strengthen it legislatively. And minimum wage would be three things that I’d hang my hat on that we’re trying to get over the goal line.”

Democratic legislative leaders agree with those goals, but there’s no firm timetable for acting on them. 

And there’s some disagreement on whether $15 minimum wage legislation should include exemptions for some agricultural and seasonal workers.