Murphy Details Proposed Funding For NJ Transit

Mar 20, 2018

Governor Phil Murphy says improving the transit system is a priority.

Governor Phil Murphy is breaking down the $242 million increase he's proposed in his budget plan for upgrading New Jersey Transit.

New Jersey Transit executive director Kevin Corbett says the governor's proposal allocates $19 million to expand the workforce with 114 new employees.

"Additional positions in rail and bus operations allow us to hire professional qualified staff to address the issues of overcrowding and on time performance.  Other positions in human resources and training will give us the ability to accelerate the hiring process to expand training classes for critical positions including the engineers, conductors, and bus operators."

Murphy says his plan includes $4 million for other rail and bus needs to enhance scheduling and $120 million to replace non-recurring funding from the previous administration.

"We are focused squarely on improving the delivery of services and the customer experience while simultaneously restoring New Jersey Transit's fiscal stability."

Acting Transportation Commissioner Diane Gutierrez Scaccetti says Murphy’s budget recognizes the immediate needs New Jersey Transit is facing.

“It will provide the initial infusion to spark the resurgence of this once platinum standard in the transit industry. But it is only the beginning. It is the first of many corrective steps.”

Murphy says improving the state’s transit system is a priority, but he cautions that problems from years of neglect won’t be solved by one budget.

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