Multi-Instrumentalist Tim Conley, As MAST, Sails Troubled Waters with 'Love and War'

Apr 5, 2017

Tim Conley, who goes by MAST, was reluctant to chronicle a painful story from his personal life and translate it into an expansive suite of music, Love and War. But as this multi-instrumentalist tells us in this podcast, sometimes the best art comes from suffering, and out of the darkness can come light, redemption and growth. 

Hear Conley discuss the rocky waves of dating — including the experience of leaving a woman battling heroin addiction — and share the music that came out of it.

As a guitarist, keyboardist and laptop artist, he showcases an impressive roster of cameos on this recording, including vocalist Taylor McFerrin, drummers Anwar Marshall and Makaya McCraven, bassist Tim Lefebvre, The Fresh Cut Orchestra, hip-hop producer Koreatown Oddity, and soul artist Andrée Belle.

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