More Newark Students To Learn about the 1967 Rebellion

Jun 25, 2017

WBGO Media Fellow Chinedu Onyemaobi enjoyed his Rutgers-Newark class with Junius Williams
Credit Doug Doyle for WBGO

To start off, the title of the course was titled “Global Citizenship in a Global World”. Entering the course, I believed that we will be discussing different figurative role models in history, that has made significant change in the world. I was wrong, to a certain degree.

I was blown away by the history that was embedded in the city of Newark. Professor Junius Williams, who was a major activists during the Newark Riots, spearheaded the class, with his fabulous stories of his experiences not only here in Newark, but also in Montgomery, Alabama during the Jim Crow Era.

The stories that were taught such as the Medical School fight and the implementation of Route 75, a highway that would have torn right through the east ward of Newark and more especially the tensions between city hall and the residents of Newark are just major highlights that took from the course.

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