A Mixtape of The Checkout Live: Electric Edition Volume 1

Jul 7, 2020

As live concerts sadly fade into memory, we can at least remind you of some heavy moments fom The Checkout Live. Here’s mixtape (Volume 1) featuring performances by Justin Brown, BIGYUKI, Thiefs, Mwenso and The Shakes, and Mark Guiliana’s Beat Music.



Set list below (with links to corresponding podcasts)

"I Live In Fear," Thiefs featuring Keith Witty, Christophe Panzani, David Frazier Jr., & Keith Middleton at Nublu

"Stranger Things," Justin Brown and NYEUSI, at Nublu

"NuNu," BIGYUKI featuring Randy Runyon and Charles Haynes, at Nublu

"The Race" & "No Regrets," Mwenso & The Shakes featuring Michela Marino Lerman & Mathis Picard at Nublu

"Bud," "Bones," & "Girl," Mark Guiliana Beat Music, recorded at Rough Trade
"Replenish," Justin Brown and NYEUSI, at Nublu


Music mixed and engineered by David Tallacksen


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