Michael Connelly: Los Angeles Detective Harry Bosch is on Amazon Prime

Dec 3, 2016

Bestselling mystery writer Michael Connelly
Credit Allan Wolper for WBGO

Bestselling mystery writer Michael Connelly has brought back his iconic, idealistic, acerbic, jazz loving, Los Angeles police detective Harry Bosch back for a third season on Amazon Prime. Bosch, who Connelly named after 15th century artist Hieronymus Bosch, is a is a binger’s delight.

Titus Welliver, a slimmed down version of the Bosch books, plays Harry just the way Connelly describes the LA cop in his 21 novels. It had to be that way. Hollywood wasn’t going to get Bosch any another way. “I held all the cards this time,” Connelly smiled in a December 2015 Conversations with Allan Wolper interview, right after the pilot for the series was shot. “It is rare. I wouldn’t let them go forward unless I was to be a part of it. They were going to do it my way or we won’t do it. Harry Bosch means too much for me. I had been writing about him for 20 years.

“ Who is Harry Bosch? “A guy who draws his inspiration from jazz. A relentless detective who overcomes a lot to do this work. He appreciates it when he connects with somebody who is a jazz musician who overcomes a lot to make his music.” The series, which was inspired by City of Bones, includes every crime and journalism issue anyone could ask for. Suggestion: read the book before you binge out on the Amazon series.