Menendez Urges Trump Administration To Declassify Iran Documents

Jan 6, 2020

New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez speaks on the threat of military action with Iran at his office in Newark.
Credit Alexandra Hill / News

Two leading Democrats in the Republican-controlled Senate are urging the Trump administration to immediately declassify documents submitted to Congress detailing its decision to kill Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani in an airstrike last week.

New Jersey senator and senior member of the senate foreign relations committee, Bob Menenedez, along with New York senator Chuck Schumer, sent President Donald Trump a letter today (Monday) urging him to declassify the war powers notification, calling it critical to national security.

“What I can see us headed to, if this continues, is a series of tactics, and actions and reactions, that can have us stumble into a war. And the least thing we can tolerate is a march to war that has not been authorized by the Congress of The United States.”

Menendez says the senate will be briefed by the intelligence community on Wednesday. The lawmakers' letter comes as Trump doubled down on his threat to strike cultural sites across Iran, and as hundreds of thousands of people took to the streets of Tehran today for Soleimani's funeral.