Listen to 'Reaching Out,' the Latest From Trombonist Michael Dease, on Radar

Jan 19, 2018

"Reaching Out" CD

With his new album, Reaching Out, trombonist Michael Dease clearly demonstrates why he’s met the high level of musicality demanded by discerning bandleaders like Christian McBride and Jimmy Heath.

With this album Dease salutes the genius of legendary pianists Cedar Walton and Kenny Drew, as well as his former trombone teachers Conrad Herwig and Steve Turre. 

Reaching Out also reaches back to a “Deaseified” portrait of pop music of his era. Add an original or two — played by a band with  saxophonists Ralph Bowen and Walt Weiskopf, vibraphonist Behn Gillece, pianist Luther Allison, bassist Peter Bendler and drummer Zach Adleman — and Reaching Out shapes up as a collection of swinging tunes and sharp arrangements. As the title suggests, it approaches the tradition in a spirit of urgent exploration. 

1)   Something In Common
2)   Live And Let Die
3)   Morning Shade
4)   Tipping Point
5)   More Than Words
6)   Double Luminosity
7)   The Takeover
8)   Ballade
9)   The Chameleon Eye
10)  Blackfoot
11)  Water Runs Dry